Podcast Preparation

Thanks for joining us on an Emerj AI podcast.

Please review the document below in preparation for your recording, paying special attention to the “audio quality” section below:

Interview Preparation / Audio Quality

When recording the interview, please ensure of the following:

  • Sit in a quiet room
  • Have a strong internet connection (at least 30 mpbs)
  • Our interviews are audio only, therefore video quality will not be applicable.
  • Please wear headphones so that audio does not reverberate behind you

We don’t record interviews in transit (trains, cars, Uber, etc)

What Can You Expect on the Day of Your Interview

Dan will add the interviewee as contact via Skype (Dan’s Skype handle is “dan.faggella”) or Google Hangouts. Here’s an article on how to accept new requests. Using Skype is mandatory as Skype is the only software we use to record as it integrates with our recording software.

The Google Hangouts URL will be in the Google Calendar Invite associated with the guest booking.

Publishing and Promotion

Audio distribution:

When guests record an audio interview for AI in Industry or another one of our podcasts, the interview will be distributed among all top platforms including, but not limited to iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Libsyn.

Guests are permitted and encouraged to share their podcast interview on any channel they see fit. Some companies make their own articles about the interview as well!

Preparing for Your Interview

Typical Questions: Our goal is to find the perfect topics to match the guest’s expertise and our podcast audience. For this reason Dan (our host) will speak for 5 minutes at the beginning of the call to clarify / flesh out the questions that will be asked. Because interviews are short, we will only have 2-3 questions.

Rescheduling Policy

  • We do only one reschedule in case of emergencies.
    • This is our policy because (a) We have a huge inbound flow of podcasts / interviews and we can’t afford to be hung up (b) We like to make sure that we pick times with our guests that are not “maybe” times, but are definitely going to work for setting aside the 20 minutes. This policy encourages people to think hard about what times certainly work, so that we don’t book “maybe” times.
  • Please do not be late. Your time slot is your time and we won’t go over. We have tons of deadlines to keep. We respect your time just as much, only requesting exactly the amount of information beforehand we need and always arriving on time as designated.
  • We don’t do rescheduling without 24 hour notice (IE: the episode is cancelled).

Additional FAQs

When will my podcast interview be published?

  • Due to the current backlog of recorded interviews, you can expect to hear from us in 4-6 week with a firm publication date.

What will my interview look like when it’s published?

Do I get a copy of the audio file?

  • As a general policy we do not distribute the raw audio file as we have found it to be logistically challenging and bespoke.