Database Software Firm Improves Lead Quality

Daniel Faggella

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Tech Provider: MarianaIQ

Client Company: MemSQL

Client Company Description: MemSQL is a database platform for real-time analytics in the enterprise.

Industry: (Many)

Function: Marketing / Advertising


MemSQL was having challenges targeting the right prospects at the right companies. The company aimed to reach technology leaders and software architects who were looking for a solution like MemSQL. The firm was looking for an account-based marketing (ABM) process that could sustain their sales and growth needs.

The firm wasn’t able to generate targeted, quality leads through it’s previous marketing efforts, which included publishers, content syndication vendors, and Twitter. Even targeting the followers of competitive firms on social media didn’t seem to be yielding the type of leads that MemSQL was looking for.

Actions Taken

MarianaIQ’s team worked closely with Kevin White, Director of Marketing Operations at MemSQL. Their first step was to integrate MarianaIQ into MemSQL’s existing marketing stack…

The integration was into MemSQL’s marketing lead management process. A market lead form was placed on MemSQL’s landing pages.

MemSQL then commenced lead generation from Facebook, Twitter and AdWords. Before using Mariana, MemSQL had not been applying targeted (segment-specific) advertising.

Mariana’s softrware helped to determine marketing personas, and then created a lookalike audience matching the persona profiles. This process was done within thousands of MemSQL’s target B2B accounts.


MemSQL saw the following quantifiable results – as reported by MarianaIQ:

  • A 30% higher conversion from lead to SQL (sales qualified lead) than all other digital channels, including organic search traffic. All leads from target B2B accounts (i.e. specific businesses that MemSQL intended to sell into), compared to the usual noise in other lead sources.
  • A 50% lower cost per lead from Google AdWords for some of their most important, high cost keywords.

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