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US Public Sector AI Opportunity Report

From zero to billions.

The United States Government has made tremendous efforts to invest in and adopt artificial intelligence in response to the growing power of China, and the growing capabilities of AI across industries.

For three full months, the Emerj team has analyzed the key strategy documents put out by the US Government, as well as known data about AI adoption, strategies, and budgets across defense and non-defense AI spending.

The opportunities for AI innovators, consulting firms, and AI vendor companies has never been greater – and it’s happening at a critical time.

As the Private Sector is Hit Hard, US Public Sector AI Initiatives Soar

The emergence of the coronavirus has thrown the global economy into unprecedented disruption – with supply chains frozen and sales pipelines drying up in every sector and nearly every corner of the world.

Almost all enterprise sectors are pulling back on technology investment – startups and services firms alike are drying up as funding goes away, and new clients can’t be found fast enough.

The US Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and other divisions of the US Government will – if anything – be investing more in their digital and AI transformation in this time of great disruption.

With explicit mandates to adopt AI and to spend on AI technologies and initiatives, the public sector will remain a bastion of new deals, and a place where vendors can deliver value as the private sector is shaken, and less willing to invest in new tech.

Critical Questions, Answered

For AI innovators, AI product and services firms, and government officials, this report addressed key questions head-on, such as:

  • What are the 2020 and 2021 AI budget breakdowns across all departments of the US Government?
  • What are the major key priorities and themes across all of the US’s strategic initiatives?
  • What are the stated goals and key outcomes that vendors and service providers can help the government with today?
  • What are the explicit mandates for AI adoption and deployment across the US Government, and in what departments?

Table of Contents

This complete 40-page report is broken down into nine key sections. Sections 3 and 8 are available only in the full version of the report:

  • I) USA’s AI Leadership Goals
  • II) AI R&D
  • III) AI Budget Report – Including Breakdowns by Agency (Only available in the Full Report)
    • AI Research Budgets – by Agency
    • Non-Defense AI Research Budgets – by Program Component Area
  • IV) Serving the US Public Sector
  • V) US AI Legislation
  • VI) AI Standards
  • VII) Shared Data & Tools
  • VIII) Key Players & Potential Partners (Only available in the Full Report)
    • US Central / Inter-Agency AI Organizations
    • US Agency-Specific AI Organizations
    • US AI Governance Organizations (i.e. policy/legislation)
  • IX) Appendix

Intended Audiences

AI vendors and strategy or IT services providers who need to win new business by aligning with US AI priorities have the most to gain from the US Public Sector AI Opportunity Report, followed by government leaders of professionals with an interest in tracking public sector AI priorities and spending:

Intended Audiences - US Public Sector AI Opportunity Report

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