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The AI ROI Cheat Sheet – 4 Simple Frameworks for Measuring and Ensuring AI ROI

This guide is intended to help internal innovation leaders or outside AI consultants to (a) determine the right ROI measures for an AI project, (b) predict or forecast ROI with as much accuracy as one could reasonably expect, and (c) convey that ROI case to leadership.


In this compact 10-page guide, we cover frameworks for calculating and conveying all three types of return on investment for AI projects:

  1. Measurable (Financial and Qualitative)
  2. Strategic
  3. Capability

You’ll discover four total frameworks in this report – with examples and context to allow you to put them immediately to use.

Each section will begin with a definition of the ROI type, and three critical distinctions for using the ROI type in practice. Below that, each of the short sections below will include one or two frameworks, tables, or checklists for putting the ideas in practice in real AI projects.

Who this report is for:

  • AI consultants or vendors who need to “get to yes” with their clients by accurately and simply conveying the value of their services – in a way that “clicks” with enterprise buyers.
  • Enterprise AI champions who want a simple, structured process to assess AI projects and build a roadmap of transformation with confidence.

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