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This is Daniel Faggella, Founder and CEO at Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research. I’m glad you’ve come to learn a bit more about our latest AI in banking reports.

This page should be especially useful for you – as we’ve built our latest report with the speciffic needs of innovation executives from the 15 largest banks in the US in mind.

At the bottom of this page you’ll see a form that allows you to download the executive summaries and the tables of contents of our latest banking reports. But first, I wanted to introduce you to the reports themselves:

At the bottom of this page you’ll see a form that allows you to download the Executive Summary Brief for this report. But first, I wanted to introduce you to the report itself:

The Emerj AI in Banking Vendor Landscape and Capability Map 2019 Report 

This report examines over 70 AI vendor companies in banking, and over 40 internal AI use-cases within major global banks. Combined with dozens of industry overviews, this data is used to analyze the credibility, evidence of ROI, and accessibility of each vendor product.

This data is matched on top of the Emerj ontology of banking functions, and the Emerj ontology of AI-in-banking capabilities, to clearly map the investments in different application categories (i.e. “customer service” vs. “compliance”, “conversational interface” vs. “recommendation engine”), allowing banking leaders to invest in the technologies with the highest ROI, and to assess their strategy against their competitors.

These reports are designed to help Innovation Leaders at the top 15 US banks to discover:

  • Critical insights for succeeding with an AI proof-of-concept (PoC) in any banking function
  • The AI use-cases among dozens of top banks (Wells Forgo, JP Morgan, etc)
  • Which AI applications are delivering a strong near-term ROI, and which are almost entirely hype

Here are some select charts and graphs from both reports:

The interviews, data collection, and analysis for these reports has taken over seven months – and we’re excited to finally release this report publicly. You’re one of the few who will have early access to the key insights of the report.

With just the information in the brief executive summary, you’ll have a more informed perspective on AI applications in banking than your peers.

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