Ryan Smithright

Ryan Smithright is a Research Fellow at Emerj, focused on financial services and defense applications of AI. Ryan began his career as a consultant at Accenture, and has served a variety of business analyst and project management roles in technology and defense.

Articles by Ryan

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Getting Started with Enterprise AI Governance with Swth Dobrin 950×540

Getting Started with Enterprise AI Governance with IBM’s Chief AI Officer

This article has been sponsored by IBM, and was written, edited, and published in alignment with Emerj’s sponsored content guidelines. 

AI at Johnson & Johnson 950×540

AI at Johnson & Johnson – Current Investments

We see evidence dating back to 2017 that Johnson & Johnson has been regularly publishing about their investments and initiatives related to artificial intelligence. At present, Johnson & Johnson does not seem to boast any mature, deployed applications with the firm itself, but its AI-related investment initiatives indicate their aspirations.

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