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Business leaders don’t need to know how to code an artificial intelligence application from scratch - but they could be able to speak the language of data science. Below is a list of our AI glossary terms of business leaders:

NLP Use-Cases Primer

Natural Language Processing Use-Cases Primer – Chatbots, Search, Voice, and More

Emerj Technical Advisor, German Sanchis Trilles, PhD, defines natural language processing as:
“...everything which is related to human language. If you have a system that needs to recognize what a human wrote, that’s NLP. If you have a system that tries to understand what a human said with his voice or with her voice, that’s NLP as well. If you want a system to speak and to do some speech synthesis, that’s NLP as well.

What Are Chatbots? - An Informed Definition With Use-Cases

What Are Chatbots? – An Informed Definition With Use-Cases

A chatbot is a prominent type of AI application used by a variety of businesses for resolving issues related to conversations between the business and its customers, clients, staff, or business partners.

What Is Natural Language Processing? - An Informed Definition

What Is Natural Language Processing? – A Definition for Business Leaders

Chatbots have in large part dominated the AI conversation in the enterprise. This has ignited interest in the technology that makes this possible: natural language processing, or NLP. But NLP is not limited to chatbots and covers a broad range of AI capabilities that can be used in several applications.

What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)? An Informed Definition

What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

Much of the artificial intelligence and automation discussion going on in the enterprise recently involves something that, in most cases, actually isn’t artificial intelligence at all: robotic process automation, or RPA.

Shopify's Kit - The AI Personal Marketing Assistant 6

What is Artificial Intelligence? An Informed Definition

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? We take the term for granted, but how might we phrase a formal definition? And are the technologies that we have today really reflective of all that this term implies?

What is Machine Learning_ 950×540

What is Machine Learning?

Typing "what is machine learning?" into a Google search opens up a pandora's box of forums, academic research, and false information - and the purpose of this article is to simplify the definition and understanding of machine learning thanks to the direct help from our panel of machine learning researchers.