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AI in Groceries and Produce - Current Applications

Artificial Intelligence in Groceries and Produce – 4 Current Application Areas

In early 2017, Amazon unveiled a new application of AI outside its online domain: Amazon Go, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered grocery where there are no cashiers and checkout lines. Shoppers activate the store’s smartphone app upon entering the store, grab the items they need, and leave through the same “gates” they enter without pausing to pull out a credit card or cash. Their Amazon account is automatically charged for what they take.

Improving Robot Safety and Capability with Artificial Intelligence - with Rodney Brooks

Improving Robot Safety and Capability with Artificial Intelligence – with Rodney Brooks

Episode summary: In this week’s episode of AI in Industry we speak with Rodney Brooks, Founder and CTO of Rethink Robotics, a collaborative robot manufacturer founded in Boston in 2008. Rodney explores robotic safety regulations and he also paints a picture of what robots might be capable of in the next five years.

Microsoft India Sowing App

Artificial Intelligence in Indian Agriculture – An Industry and Startup Overview

Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy. Over 58 percent of the rural households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood, according to an IBEF report. Agricultural exports constitute 10 percent of the country’s exports and is the fourth-largest exported principal commodity category in India.

Drone Delivery Timeline for America's Top Retailers

Drone Delivery Timeline for America’s Top Retailers

The precipitous drop in the price of drones and the intelligent guidance systems that power them has created a broad range of commercial applications (we covered industrial drone applications in a previous article). One use-case that has captured popular attention and large scale investment from a variety of retailers and start ups is autonomous delivery vehicles.

Self-Driving Trucks Timeline

Self-Driving Trucks – Timelines and Developments

While self-driving trucks and self-driving cars make use of much of the same technology to power their AI systems, it would be a mistake to think the expected roll out date of both developments to would be identical. Their similarities can easily mask their significant differences.

Autonomous Ships

Autonomous Ships Timeline – Comparing Rolls-Royce, Kongsberg, Yara and More

Just as car companies are betting big that self-driving vehicles will change our roads, shipping companies are making a similar bet that automation will change how we move goods around the world. For autonomous ships, the open ocean may prove to be more fertile ground for the adoption of full automation than crowded city streets.


Cognitive Procurement – Where it Will (and Will Not) Impact the Enterprise

There’s a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence shaking up enterprise procurement over the next five years. Procurement leaders wonder what elements of their jobs will be augmented - or even fully automated - by the intelligent systems. Which roles are secure from full automation, and how will more “automate-able” jobs have to adapt in the years ahead?

inventory management with machine learning

Inventory Management with Machine Learning – 3 Use Cases in Industry

In a global market that makes room for more competitors by the day, some companies are turning to AI and machine learning to try to gain an edge. Supply chain and inventory management is a domain that has missed some of the media limelight, but one where industry leaders have been hard at work developing new AI and machine learning technologies over the past decade.