AI Advantage Roadmap

The Emerj AI Advantage Roadmap is a service designed to help leaders determine the most profitable and strategic AI initiatives for their organization.

We map an organization’s critical priorities and align them directly with AI trends and capabilities that could provide maximum leverage in the market.

Most initial AI projects in enterprises or mid-sized firms are based on uninformed executive hunches or a sense of peer pressure from competitors’ AI press releases.

Worse than losing money and time, misguided AI initiatives set a company behind in developing confidence and fluency with the most powerful technology tools that will revolutionize their sector.

Emerj helps companies with no AI experience to select the most powerful, high-ROI applications for their firm.

About the Emerj AI Advantage Roadmap Service

An AI Advantage Roadmap is the fastest way to find AI opportunities with both near-term ROI and long-term strategic advantage.

Our framework sorts potential AI use-cases on both near and long-term ROI criterion:

  • Near-Term AI Advantage
    • Financial ROI – AI initiatives must make a positive impact on the bottom line – discover the best-practices of successful AI adopters and drastically reduce the time to ROI.
    • Ease of Deployment – Companies who are selecting a first AI project need to find the low-hanging fruit that is accessible to them even without massive AI teams or huge AI budgets.
  • Long-Term AI Advantage
    • Builds Critical AI Capabilities – A first AI project should implement best-practices around teams, data, and data infrastructure to make future AI initiatives easier.
    • Strategic Advantage – Set your firm up to acquire the data streams and data insights to win market share and competitive advantage into the future.

AI Advantage Roadmaps are based on Emerj Data, Ontologies, and Scorecards, allowing our clients to unearth hidden insights by slicing and dicing the data, for example:

  • Examining AI trends between sectors, geo-regions, AI application types, etc
  • Comparing AI solutions within only with a specific business function or AI capability
  • Ranking companies by any combination of factors (ROI scorecard, funds raised, etc)
  • Sorting use-cases by specific criterion (such as Ease of Deployment Score)

With a data-backed landscape of specific AI opportunities for their organization, Emerj clients can invest in their first AI initiatives with confidence, clarity, and a plan for success.

The Emerj Advantage

While other market research firms focus on dozens of sectors, technologies and methodologies, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research is the best at just one thing: 

Mapping the applications and implications of AI to help leaders develop winning AI strategies.

Our constant pulse of AI innovation across sectors allows us to draw from a deep pool of data, trends, ROI measurements, and more.

We’ve worked with and presented our research for many of the largest and most reputable organizations in the world, including:

About Emerj Founder and CEO, Daniel Faggella

Called upon by the United Nations, the World Bank, and many global enterprises, Daniel is a globally sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of AI for business and government leaders.

Daniel helps organizations navigate the competitive landscape of AI capabilities, determine high-ROI applications that match and organization’s strengths, and build AI strategies that win.

In addition to his advisory work with leaders, Daniel has interviewed thousands of AI researchers and founders, and his research and reports are cited by Harvard Business Review, the World Economic Forum, and other leading publications.

The AI Advantage Roadmap Service – Who it’s For

The Emerj AI Advantage Roadmap Service is a fit for:

  • Organizations looking to find the AI initiative most likely to deliver a strong return on investment
  • Organizations who need to use limited AI talent and budget who would like to build AI capabilities in a profitable and productive way
  • Organizations who might not have the budget to develop a company-wide AI Business Strategy, but would like to get started with AI

We work with enterprise and mid-size clients across sectors.

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