Natural Language Processing – Business Applications

Natural Language Processing – Business Applications

Executives worry about their businesses.

They often have to navigate, with limited resources, a stormy market made of customers, competitors, and regulators, and the interactions between all these actors make finding answers to business questions a complex process.

Insurance AI Use-Cases 
and Trends@2x

Insurance Use Cases and Trends – An Executive Guide

Insurers have been long aware of the perfect storm of converging market trends pointing to the permanency of digital disruption and change. Yet, the industry – especially the big players – always seemed to move their collective house further away from the shoreline. 

Artificial Intelligence at DHL@2x-min

Artificial Intelligence at DHL – Two Applications at the World’s Largest Logistics Company

DHL is a German logistics company that offers parcel delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics. Its parent company is Deutsche Post (‘DPDHL’), the world’s largest logistics enterprise, operating in over 220 countries and employing more than 510,000 people worldwide. 

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence – Critical Dual-Use Applications

Weaponized Artificial Intelligence – Critical Dual-Use Applications

This article is based on a presentation given by Emerj CEO Daniel Faggella in Geneva, at the 2019 New Shape Forum: Weapons Governance for the Geneva Disarmament Platform. To learn more about Emerj's AI presentations and speaking, visit our presentations page.

Top 3 Most Funded AI Startups in Insurance – An Overview

Top 3 Most Funded AI Companies in Insurance – An Overview

Several key insurance carriers began to experiment with AI in the last decade, including Progressive, All-State, and State Farm. Although not as large as the banking and retail industries, the AI vendor landscape in insurance is growing.

NLP Use-Cases Primer

Natural Language Processing Use-Cases Primer – Chatbots, Search, Voice, and More

Emerj Technical Advisor, German Sanchis Trilles, PhD, defines natural language processing as:
“...everything which is related to human language. If you have a system that needs to recognize what a human wrote, that’s NLP. If you have a system that tries to understand what a human said with his voice or with her voice, that’s NLP as well. If you want a system to speak and to do some speech synthesis, that’s NLP as well.

Artificial Intelligence Applications at Northrop Grumman - An Overview

Artificial Intelligence Applications at Northrop Grumman – An Overview

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a U.S. global technology company that provides autonomous, aerospace, cybersecurity, and defense solutions to military and commercial organizations.

What do Insurance Experts Think about AI in Claims Processing?

What do Insurance Experts Think about AI in Claims Processing?

The insurance industry is dominated by large global firms that deal with thousands of customers filing insurance claims every day. Claims processing is a huge part of the insurance business process and improving turnaround time for each claim is critical to reducing operational costs at insurance firms.

Accessibility of AI in Business - AI Zeitgeist

The Increasing Accessibility of AI in Business (AI Zeitgeist 4 of 7)

This article is part 4 of a 7-part series called “AI Zeitgeist,” where we’ll be mapping out the details of AI adoption over the next 10 years and explore the critical changes in the AI ecosystem that business leaders need to understand.

Machine Learning in Asian Pharmaceuticals - Current Applications

Machine Learning in the Asian Pharmaceutical Sector – Current Applications

McKinsey estimated that embarking on digital transformation to restructure value chains and drive R&D innovation across the pharmaceutical industry could be worth $50–150 billion of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. In particular, machine learning is likely to continue finding a place in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies have found applications for machine learning ranging from drug discovery to clinical trial retention.
The State of AI in the Asian Pharmaceutical Industry
AI seems to be making its way into the pharmaceutical space in Asia over the last two or three years, particularly in China and Japan. For the most part, the companies offering or using AI for drug discovery are just starting to acquire funding and talent. XtalPi seems to have the highest density of talent with a decent likelihood of being able to work with machine learning.

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