3 Latest News Breaks in Emerging Tech – June 16, 2014

Corinna Underwood

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3 Latest News Breaks in Emerging Tech – June 16, 2014

3D Retail Shopping Experience Coming to a Lowes Near You?

According to a report at SingularityHub, home improvement retail chain Lowe’s is about to step into the future and implement “holorooms” to encourage shoppers to make more in-store purchases. The Star Trek-like technology is comprised of a 20-foot by 20-foot simulator room that combines a number of 3D technologies. If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, but you’re not sure which way to go, you can enter the holoroom and use an iPad to select the color scheme and products from Lowe’s catalogue. A model of the room will appear in the iPad app, which allows you to manipulate them and walk through a floor plan of your desired room via augmented reality.

Cyber-enabled Dogs for Search and Rescue

In a ComputerWorld feature, assistant computer science professor at North Carolina State University, David Roberts, described the electronics-packed vest he designed for his Labrador retriever Diesel. The vest is comprised of a camera, speakers, sensors that detect the dog’s heart rate and other vital signs, motors that can transmit vibrations to different areas of the dog body, and gas and radiation detectors. The vest is also WiFi and GPS enabled. The device could change how dogs are trained for search and rescue missions in the future. Currently, handlers must maintain line-of-sight with their canine companions in order to relay commands, but a cyber-enabled dog such as Diesel could roam around a hazardous site while the handler used the sensors and transmitters to detect the dog’s safety and relay commands.

Nanotechnology Produces Wound-disinfecting Band-Aids 

Nanotechnology is already being used extensively for medical applications. One of the latest, according to Nanowerk.com, is in the manufacture of graphene quantum dot (GQD) Band-Aids. Graphene is a form of pure carbon in sheets just one atom thick. For its very low weight is has incredible strength—100 times that of steel. Developers have created antibacterial system in which GQDs are combined with a low dose of hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria—high doses of hydrogen peroxide can actually slow down the wound healing process and harm healthy tissue.

Image credit: lowesinnovationlabs

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