Best Practices for Vendor Selection

Getting started with AI means picking the right technology providers and partners – but with so much hype and noise in the market, it is extremely challenging to find vendors who can actually get the job done. We’ve created this short guide to help leaders and consultants avoid mistakes and find the right partners quickly.

In This Brief 4-Page Guide, You'll Learn:

  • Talent to Look For. With one LinkedIn search, you’ll be able to tell if an AI vendor or service provider is faking their expertise.
  • Case Study Criterion. Three simple ways to determine how much traction a vendor has within your sector (these are the same criteria that we use for all of our Vendor Selection service projects).
  • Size Matters. AI vendor companies below a certain team size (or amount of funds raised) often change their value proposition and “pivot” their product and features rapidly – which is rarely a good thing for enterprise leaders who want results. Use our cutoff criteria to build short-lists of companies that are most likely to deliver on what they promise.
  • Problem Familiarity. Discover five quick questions you can use to determine if an AI vendor or service provider understands your unique business problem (these are impossible to fake).
  • Product… or Service? Some AI business problems are best solved by a specific AI technology vendor – and others are almost always a better fit for a consulting or services firm. Using a consulting for a vendor problem (or vice-versa) is an easy way to waste both time and money. Use our simple framework for determining what kind of provider suits your needs best.
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