Go-to-Market Strategy

AI-based vendor companies and service companies have a problem. They need to get buyers to understand their unique value, and they need to appeal to deep and burning needs of their clients – without scaring them away with jargon.

At Emerj, we’ve built our business on finding the keywords, phrases, and topics that resonate with business and government leaders (technology buyers) – and our Go-to-Market Strategy service is the only service we offer which shares those same insights with AI vendor and service firms. We didn’t build an audience of 250,000 monthly business readers by writing technical jargon, or about covering AI capabilities at random. Over years of effort, we’ve gained an understanding of the critical AI interests and AI objections of technology buyers, and those insights are critical for our Go-to-Market clients.

Our Go-to-Market Strategy service is delivered over 1-2 months (depending on the client’s needs and schedule), and involves three phases:

  1. Key stakeholder identification. Different products and services involve different kinds of buy-in from a prospect, and laying out the critical stakeholders for a sale is an important first step in ensure that all stakeholder interests and objections can be handled effectively.
  2. Value proposition refinement. Making an AI product of service jump out to prospects as a real need means understanding the current goals and challenges of the prospect, and making your value proposition “click” with their existing priorities – and this is where our knowledge of technology buyers comes in.
  3. Marketing material/marketing strategy review. The third phase of any Go-to-Market program involves a review and critique of existing marketing materials (including homepage, PDF sales materials, landing pages, and more), and the creation of a near-term marketing blueprint.

Clients walk away not only with better marketing materials and a better understanding of how to sell directly to their buyer, they’re also provided with a blueprint for marketing initiatives and programs that are most likely to make an impact on their revenue growth.

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