What Will Separate Consulting Winners and Losers in the Post-COVID Economy

Consultants and professional services leaders face one of the hardest times in business and economic downturn in the last century. Sales are drying up, companies are pulling back budgets, millions are jobless – and the business world scrambles to find some solid ground for a “new normal.”

Through in-depth interviews with directors of strategy and innovation at some of the world’s largest companies, and conversation with countless startup leaders – the new paradigm of enterprise priority is clear: Efficiencies.

The era of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be ushered in by sheer necessity – and enterprises know it.

Consultants with experience in specific IT domains, or traditional means of “digital transformation” will find clients have entirely new demands and questions, and the vast majority of consultants will lose out.

In This Succinct 6-Page Guide You'll Learn:

  • The Most Important Factor in Winning New Business – Clients have unique questions and a unique new set of needs. While they are eager to build a new digital foundation, they are less willing than ever to go with an unproven approach or technology. Discover the most important tools for winning new business for AI and RPA transformation.
  • A Framework for Applying AI and RPA for Near-Term and Long-Term Value – While clients are in desperate need for efficiencies and cost-savings in the present, the consultants who will capture (and deliver) the most value will be those who can create a plan that translates to long-term benefits.
  • Get on the Radar  – Getting attention in this era of disruption is different than it used to be. Learn the most effective method for being found online, and for building credible thought leadership in this era of disruption.