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Yseop is a global enterprise software company that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to offer solutions that automate knowledge work. Yseop’s Self-Service Software suite automates intelligent dialog, advice and the generation of written reports in English, French, German, and Spanish, with Japanese on the way.
Today, Yseop’s software is deployed in leading companies in the global Fortune 1000. The software suite automates expert customer interaction, either as a guide for employees or directly to the customer as well as generating written reports, analysis, and advice automatically using a client’s best practices.

Savvy: Savvy is a plug-in for Qlik, Excel and other dashboards and data visualisation software. It automatically explains what the charts, data and analysis mean and writes insights like a human being.
Compose: Yseop Compose is the only multilingual Natural Language Generation software. Globalized companies need a software that is ready to go global.
Yseop Compose is the Natural Language Generation software used by leading Global 500 companies, from New York to Singapore, Santiago to London.

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