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Nexar employs machine vision and sensor fusion algorithms, leveraging the iPhone’s sensors to analyze and understand the car’s surrounding, and provide unique documentation in case of accidents.

The depth of Nexar’s on-device analysis allows it to create an accident report that completely transforms the insurance claims process. Nexar adds a video of the accident to the claim, alongside a detailed reconstruction based on the iPhone’s sensor readings.

We are building Nexar as a network connecting cars nearby (v2v). Nexar will initially warn drivers of dangerous intersections and cars in their vicinity based on crowdsourced insights. As Nexar grows into a dense network of connected dashcams, it will warn drivers in real time of dangers on the road beyond their direct line of sight.

THE CONNECTED DASH CAM: Nexar instantly detects dangers on the road and provides “watch out” life-saving warnings. The app records the road and in the unfortunate case of a collision provides you with the evidence of events as they occurred to help you with your insurance claim.

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