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Lumiata wants to radically transform the way we put health data to work. We believe the key to unlocking the full potential of big data in healthcare lies at the intersection of data science and medical science. We exist at that core.
Lumiata is a predictive analytics company that leverages medical artificial intelligence to enable health organizations to manage risk and prioritize care. The Lumiata Medical Graph analyzes hundreds of healthcare data sets within the context of clinical practice and the world’s medical knowledge, and maps out insights on current and future health trajectories of individuals.

Lumiata Risk Matrix: Time-based risk predictions at both individual and population levels,
​developed from AI-driven technology
Pinpoint High-Risk Patients: Models are available for 20 major conditions over specific timeframes ​with accompanying medical evidence.
Beyond Black-Box Analytics: The Risk Matrix is accompanied by Lumiata’s Clinical Rationale,
which supports every prediction with specific patient data and links to medical literature, nsuring transparency and action.

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