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San Francisco, CA 



Loop AI Labs is the first company to offer a commercial unsupervised general purpose cognitive platform that learns and reasons in any language and lets any enterprise to build working cognitive robots that learn from human peers in weeks.

LoopQ: LoopQ builds on a long history of research, articulates many disciplines of science and technology, including linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, supercomputing, and AI. The Loop Q platform is a fully unsupervised cognitive technology, consisting of proprietary human capacity cognitive algorithms integrated into a custom-built High Performance Computing hardware.

The Loop Q cognitive computing platform learns any language without prior knowledge of syntactic or semantic structure, much like humans do. Loop Q’s homegrown algorithms learn the underlying structure and concepts within each organization’s dark data. Unlike competitors, the appliance does not require human guidance or labeling, domain-specific programming, or pre-defined dictionaries.

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