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Kensho Technologies






KITT.AI makes natural language understanding easier for developers. KITT.AI’s technologies cover open domain question answering, semantic parsing for interpreting natural language commands, hot-word detection with offline realtime processing on embedded devices, and automatic speech recognition.

NLU / ChatFlow: Key to a multi-turn, easy-to-use, and easy-to-author chatbot? Robust Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and an intuitive conversation engine! The drag&drop interface powers multi-platform agents, making complex dialogue tasks easier than ever.

Home automation: Pair your voice command with the hotword detection engine for efficiency, privacy, and convenience.

Conversational commerce: Still building APPs for your business? A voice/text interface can be more direct, intuitive, human, and personalized!
Chatbots: Program your conversation logic once, deploy to multiple platforms!

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