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Description: offers Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions based on Semantic Folding, a theory which opens a fundamentally new perspective to handling Big Text Data.

Inspired by the latest findings on the way the brain processes information,’s Retina Engine converts language into semantic fingerprints, a numerical representation that captures meaning explicitly and operates on it computationally. The Retina Engine compares the semantic relatedness of any two texts by measuring the overlap of their fingerprints. It can be easily customized for any language, domain or jargon and delivers results quickly, at low costs.

The intrinsic difference of’s algorithm makes it possible to solve many open NLU challenges like meaning-based filtering of terabytes of unstructured text data, real-time topic detection in social media or semantic search over millions of documents across languages.

Retina Library: The Retina Library (formerly called Retina Spark) has been designed for high performance semantic text processing. It can classify, filter and search huge text repositories as well as streaming text (e.g. social media feeds) based on meaning, not keywords. The performance of the underlying algorithm enables to reduce the number of false positives drastically while increasing the percentage of recall.

Retina API: The Retina API gives you the opportunity to develop your own, intelligent NLU application. You can use the free trial API to create and test your app. Once you want to switch to a production system, you only need to change the endpoint address.

Retina Databases: Unsupervised machine learning methods are used to train the Retina’s semantic body of knowledge. has created several base Retina Databases which can be refined into domain- and jargon-specific databases using reference material (encyclopedia, ontologies, dictionaries), web content (by using semantic crawlers) or any other domain-specific text data.

Retina Applications: The fundamental theoretical differences of the technology make it possible to develop solutions to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) challenges that other approaches can not solve satisfactorily. Whether you want to search a repository of texts in different languages, monitor millions of emails every day or detect topics in social media in real time, can develop a highly customized solution that exactly matches your requirements.

All customized applications are built upon the Retina Library or the Retina API.

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