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Description: was founded in 2013 by the management team of Proximagen. The company’s focus at present is to bring together artificial intelligence technology and scientific research to enable the creation of better medicines for some of humanity’s most debilitating diseases.

BenevolentBio: BenevolentBio is responsible for applying the company’s technology in the human health and bioscience sectors.

Currently the company is focused on the disease areas of inflammation, neurodegeneration (e.g. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s), orphan diseases (e.g. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – ‘ALS’) and rare cancers.

However, given the scope of BenevolentAI’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities the company aims to remain as flexible as possible should sufficiently interesting opportunities present themselves in the future.

Other potential applications of the company’s technology could see the team move into other areas of biomedical discovery particularly relating to women’s health, rare human diseases, veterinary medicine, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and agri-tech.

BenevolentTech: BenevolentTech is responsible for refining the company’s technology and developing its use for numerous industry sectors.

At the heart of BenevolentTech is the artificial intelligence technology that the company has developed – its Judgment Augmented Cognition System (JACS).

The system uses cutting edge deep learning techniques to enable the analysis of vast quantities of scientific information to change the way knowledge is actually created.

The main advantage of the system is that the knowledge it creates is usable and can be applied in the real world setting in conjunction with the support of human experts.

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