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AImotive is primed to bring global accessibility to self-driving vehicles, faster and safer than any other company in the world. As the first to deliver AI-powered enablement of Level 5 self-driving vehicles, AImotive provides OEMs the necessary global scalability, accessibility and safety to rapidly meet the needs of billions of people all over the world. The company’s suite of products, including aiDrive, aiKit and aiWare, deliver the robust technology required to operate self-driving vehicles in all conditions, and capable of adapting in real-time to different driving styles and cultures. AImotive is committed to improving the lives of people worldwide with an affordable, safe and comfortable self-driving environment.

aiDrive: aiDrive enables truly global L5 self-driving functionality in all weather- and driving conditions. Using neural networks the aiDrive makes decisions that provide unparalleled safety and comfort through a deep visual understanding of its environment.

aiDrive includes four software Engines each responsible for a specific key component of self-driving technology combined into one hardware agnostic suite.

aiKit: aiKit fuses all the essential tools to accelerate the training and verification of the aiDrive. The aiKit ecosystem has all the tools that AImotive develops like real-time driving simulator and validated over-the-air updates to ensure that the safest, most reliable and globally capable self-driving technology is at your service all the time.

aiKit covers every phase of the self-driving software development and maintenance workflow
aiWare: To address the growing need for hardware accelerators optimized specifically for artificial intelligence AImotive designs a power efficient high performance neural network hardware IP for automotive embedded solutions. The reference design helps chip companies build the optimal hardware to support our industry leading AI software’s performance needs. AImotive also initiated the setup of a new neural network data exchange standard called NNEF (Nerual Network Exchange Format) with the support of the Khronos Group. The NNEF standard creates a more accessible and universal AI development ecosystem by making communication simpler and more reliable between AI toolsets and inference engines.

Safety: AImotive operates according to current automotive standards while also actively keeping track of new regulations that emerge as the complexity of software and level of autonomy increases. New development and verification processes are integrated into the traditional automotive development V-model to handle the challenges that the introduction of neural networks caused.

AImotive has an experienced team of experts coming from the automotive and railway industry who are working in cooperation with TÜV-Rheinland on establishing the internal development processes to comply with:
ISO 26262 – Road Vehicles – Functional Safety
ISO9001 — QMS
ISO/TS 16949 – Quality Management Systems
ASPICE v3.0 – Information technology process assessment

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