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Description: Making technology disappear. This is what Snips sets to achieve by embedding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in every connected device. Whether it is a smartphone, a smartwatch, a connected car or a home appliance, they will one day be able to anticipate their owner’s intentions, and act preemptively to save time and reduce friction. Products: Context Awareness: The user’s personal data is turned into a highly contextualized timeline of activity they did during the day. This includes turning location traces into places visited, parsing chat messages to extract people and places, mining emails for hotel and restaurant reservations, and much more! This runs fully on-device, with no user data being sent to our servers, ensuring privacy by design. Personal Knowledge Graph: The user’s activity timeline and all other contextual data are linked to create his Personal Knowledge Graph. Similarly to how the human brain does, our assistants use this as their memory, enabling contextual disambiguation in natural language interactions. This also runs fully on-device, keeping the user’s data safe. Intent & Entity Recognition: Understanding Natural Language requires two key technologies: detecting the intention of the user, and extracting entities – “things” – they are talking about. Our algorithms leverage both classical NLP methods and Deep Neural Networks, offering a good tradeoff between precision and performance. And since we also wanted to do that on device, we optimized our models so that they could fit on a smartphone with no impact on battery! Deep Natural Language Queries: Deep Natural Language Queries (which involves solving multiple sub-queries) are binded to the user’s Personal Knowledge Graph, enabling arbitrarily complex queries that require contextual understanding. Thanks to our technology, assistants can now answer queries like “show me pictures of the food I ate at that french place I went to for dinner last Thursday in New York”. And yes, this ALSO runs 100% on device, making Snips the first end-to-end private AI assistant.


Description: Textio is a Seattle-based startup with big ideas for powering the future of writing. Textio’s first product, Textio Talent, is built on a prediction engine that can tell how your job listing or candidate email will perform before it's ever posted — and also gives you real-time suggestions for how to improve it. Textio is fueled by powerful machine-learning algorithms that draw performance insights from millions of job listings at thousands of companies across dozens of industries, but it's remarkably simple for anyone to use. Textio was named one of GeekWire's 10 most promising Seattle startups, and the #1 HR tech company of 2015 by Recruiting Daily. Products: Textio Talent: Includes Textio editor, score, tone meter, key phrases, detailed performance guidance, opportunities, achievements, library, sharing, and more. Predictive Engine License: Includes unlimited access to Textio’s predictive engine platform and data. Included free for customers in the Data Exchange partnership. Analytics Tracking: Quarterly reports showing the ROI of your Textio usage, plus access to a Textio data scientist for questions and discussion of deeper insights. Free with Data Exchange. Employer Brand Extension: Extends Textio’s predictive engine to include key phrases that are unique to your employer brand. Also allows addition of custom language and guidance to reflect employer brand or compliance goals.


Description: UBTECH Robotics Corp. is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the R&D, manufacture, as well as promoting and popularizing robot around the world. With Ubtech’s own innovative technology and outstanding creativity, Ubtech is working to create a intelligent robot that can interact with people, help and serve people. UBTECH starts a new era of intelligent robot time. Products: Alpha 2: Provide a powerful cloud services, open interfaces and application platform, support "VAPP" application evelopment, meet the demand of users, Exynos 5260 six core processor 2 gb DDR3 memory. Built-in intelligent voice system, voice chatting capability, simultaneous interpretation, voice search, voice relay, gives verbal reminders and receives verbal control capabilities. Alpha 1S: Sharing the joy. The upgraded version of the app’s control program features a sharing list for new actions, which can upload and download quickly. This allows you to share your joy with amateurs around the world. Easily controlled via the APP. Using the APP terminal to control Alpha 1S is simple and easy. This allows you to display its advantages whenever and wherever possible. Simple and easy to operate and control. With Bluetooth, it can be quickly connected to its mobile app. It is also compatible with iOS and Android. Alpha1 Pro: The new generation with new appearance and joints to bring you better and smoother experience.Safe with strong protection. It's suitable for young amateurs and beginners for its “finger-friendly” structural design as well as eco-friendly and “shock resistant” materials.

Voyager Labs

Description: Founded in 2012, Voyager Labs developed core technology with unprecedented capabilities for analyzing in real-time billions of data points worldwide from multiple sources in order to understand and predict human and group behavior and create real-time actionable insights. The company’s cognitive computing deep-insights platform features unprecedented capabilities for analyzing in real-time billions of publicly available unstructured data points. With offices in New York, Washington and London, and R&D center in Israel, the company currently employs more than 90 employees. Products: Voyager Analytics: Conducts real-time deep analysis and provides actionable insights that empower our clients to strengthen and protect their interests. Voyager Analytics’ algorithms interact with multiple sources of real time publicly available unstructured data, identifying and analyzing relevant data in order to present a holistic view of individuals and groups. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this tool reveals comprehensive, far-reaching, and clear insights for its users. Scorpio: Scorpio helps financial institutions optimize their loan business by streamlining the risk assessment and loan recommendation process by using publicly available unstructured data from multiple sources to analyze human behavior.Scorpio is a proprietary solution that conducts real-time deep analysis and provides actionable insights.Scorpio interacts with multiple sources of data from the social sphere, identifying and analyzing relevant data in order to present financial institutions with information on an applicant’s character, credibility, and financial stability that helps users better assess the risk an applicant might pose.

Description: offers Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions based on Semantic Folding, a theory which opens a fundamentally new perspective to handling Big Text Data. Inspired by the latest findings on the way the brain processes information,’s Retina Engine converts language into semantic fingerprints, a numerical representation that captures meaning explicitly and operates on it computationally. The Retina Engine compares the semantic relatedness of any two texts by measuring the overlap of their fingerprints. It can be easily customized for any language, domain or jargon and delivers results quickly, at low costs. The intrinsic difference of’s algorithm makes it possible to solve many open NLU challenges like meaning-based filtering of terabytes of unstructured text data, real-time topic detection in social media or semantic search over millions of documents across languages. Products: Retina Library: The Retina Library (formerly called Retina Spark) has been designed for high performance semantic text processing. It can classify, filter and search huge text repositories as well as streaming text (e.g. social media feeds) based on meaning, not keywords. The performance of the underlying algorithm enables to reduce the number of false positives drastically while increasing the percentage of recall. Retina API: The Retina API gives you the opportunity to develop your own, intelligent NLU application. You can use the free trial API to create and test your app. Once you want to switch to a production system, you only need to change the endpoint address. Retina Databases: Unsupervised machine learning methods are used to train the Retina’s semantic body of knowledge. has created several base Retina Databases which can be refined into domain- and jargon-specific databases using reference material (encyclopedia, ontologies, dictionaries), web content (by using semantic crawlers) or any other domain-specific text data. Retina Applications: The fundamental theoretical differences of the technology make it possible to develop solutions to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) challenges that other approaches can not solve satisfactorily. Whether you want to search a repository of texts in different languages, monitor millions of emails every day or detect topics in social media in real time, can develop a highly customized solution that exactly matches your requirements. All customized applications are built upon the Retina Library or the Retina API.

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Explore artificial intelligence vendor companies in the professional services sector, including companies in legal services, accounting, IT services, and more.