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Explore artificial intelligence vendor companies in the financial services industry, including companies in banking, insurance, fintech, and more.

Cognitive Scale

Description: CognitiveScale enables businesses to win with machine intelligence. The company's products—CognitiveScale ENGAGE and CognitiveScale AMPLIFY help enterprises transform customer engagement, improve decision-making, and deploy self-learning business processes. CognitiveScale has successfully deployed its industry cognitive clouds with Global 500 companies in financial services, healthcare, and commerce. CognitiveScale was founded in 2013 by highly successful serial entrepreneurs and senior executives with deep expertise in vertical enterprise software, cloud computing, and machine learning. The company has won numerous awards and featured in prominent research and publications. It is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in the United Kingdom and India, and has strategic partnerships with IBM, Deloitte and Microsoft. Products: ENGAGE and AMPLIFY: CognitiveScale’s ENGAGE and AMPLIFY products use machine intelligence to interpret multi-structured big data and user behaviors to weave knowledge and learning across the enterprise—from the front office to back office to mission critical core functions. Both products are powered by CognitiveScale’s Augmented Intelligence platform that emulates human cognitive abilities in software. They help businesses make sense from messy, disparate first and third party data and drive actionable insights and continuous learning while building trust through providing the right advice, at the right time, with the right evidence across any contact point. They support cloud and on-premise deployment and can be implemented and scaled over IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft cloud infrastructures. WORK WITH ALL AVAILABLE DATA: Automatically understand and reason over multi-structured data including text, images, and video with CognitiveScale’s deep industry knowledge graph. Easily plug-in enterprise data sources like CRM systems, e-Commerce platforms, Electronic Health Records, and data warehouses. Deliver context aware insights: Engage your customers with personalized and contextual insights based on individualized profiles (i.e. Profile-Of-One). Create unique and differentiating customer experiences tailored to the individual preferences, goals, desires, and intents of each and every one of your customers. LEARN & WIN CONTINUOUSLY WITH MACHINE INTELLIGENCE: The world is not static - your customer base and your business strategy are constantly evolving and data is changing all around you at an ever-increasing rate. CognitiveScale’s Deep Cognition Engine uses industry optimized artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret Big Data and adapt to changing user and market conditions while continuously reprogramming itself to improve with time. SECURE, SCALABLE AND ENTERPRISE GRADE: CognitiveScale’s products are built on an hybrid cloud native foundation that is both open and extensible and designed to scale massively - supporting the most demanding enterprise workloads. CognitiveScale makes data security and privacy a top priority with advanced PHI and PCI security, protecting your most valuable information sources from breaches and theft.


Description: Optimove is the leading Customer Marketing Cloud, helping over 200 brands drive their entire customer marketing operation. Optimove combines the science of data with the art of marketing to deliver personalized, real-time, multi-channel CRM campaigns. Optimove’s unique technologies enable marketers to maximize customer engagement, brand loyalty and lifetime value. Products: Customer Marketing Cloud: Optimove implements a systematic approach to planning, executing, measuring and optimizing a complete, highly-personalized customer marketing plan. Predictive Customer Modeling: The key to successful one-to-one marketing is the ability to thoroughly understand your customers and what makes each one unique. It all starts with data and how it’s engineered. Multi-Channel Campaign Automation: Optimove harmoniously orchestrates intelligent, highly-effective customer interactions across a variety of channels, giving your customer marketing a scientific and agile edge. Realtime Hypertargeting: The Holy Grail of personalized marketing is the ability to deliver highly-segmented, behavior-triggered customer messaging at the exact moment of greatest impact… Now! Self-Optimizing Personalization: There is a high cost of generalization when it comes to customer marketing. The only way to ensure that you are not leaving money on the table is to continuously optimize the offers and incentives you send to each customer.

Sentient Technologies

Description: Sentient's mission is to transform how businesses tackle their most complex, mission critical problems by empowering them to make the right decisions faster. Sentient's technology has patented evolutionary and perceptual capabilities that will provide customers with highly sophisticated solutions, powered by the largest compute grid dedicated to distributed artificial intelligence. Products: Sentient Aware: Sentient Aware uses artificial intelligence to power an entirely new relationship between you and your customers. Understanding your product catalog at a deep and uncanny level, using both visual and data signals, Aware analyzes user actions in real time and matches their intent against your catalog Sentient Ascend: Ascend uses evolutionary algorithms that follow the principles of Darwinian natural selection to continuously determine the best design for your website. Sentient Investment Management: Sentient Investment Management utilizes Sentient’s artificial intelligence platform to continually evolve and optimize its investment strategies. By combining the use of evolutionary intelligence, deep learning, and large-scale distributed computing, the company identifies, evolves, and propagates the most successful strategies. Continuously processing and learning from enormous stockpiles of data, Sentient Investment Management is able to develop investment strategies that vary from other human and machine-guided strategies in new ways.

Vectra Networks

Description: Vectra® Networks automates the hunt for hidden cyber attacks inside campus networks, data centers and the cloud by continuously monitoring internal traffic to detect threats as they unfold. These threats are automatically correlated with host devices that are under attack and unique context about what attackers are doing enables organizations to quickly prevent or mitigate loss. Vectra prioritizes attacks that pose the greatest business risk so organizations can make rapid decisions on where to focus time and resources. The editorial team at Dark Reading recently presented Vectra with the Best of Black Hat 2016 award for Most Innovative Emerging Company. Vectra Networks’ investors include Khosla Ventures, Accel Partners, IA Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, and DAG Ventures. The company’s headquarters are in San Jose, Calif. Products: Scalable Architecture: The scalable, distributed Vectra architecture enables customers to deploy a combination of physical S-series sensors, virtual sensors (vSensors) and X-series appliances across multiple locations for unified analysis, detection and correlation of threats. X-series appliances: Vectra X-series software can be ordered preloaded on a full-depth rack-mountable appliance that scales to accommodate the largest networks. The X-series is deployable in three modes -- Brain, Sensor or Mixed. In Brain mode, the X-series only receives metadata from one or more sensors. In Sensor mode, the X-series ingests traffic, extracts metadata and forwards it to another Brain or Mixed-mode X-series for processing. In Mixed mode, the X-series performs both Brain and Sensor functions. Physical S-series sensors: Vectra S-series sensors are easily deployed at remote sites or with access switches on internal network segments to extend the reach of your Vectra deployment. These small, dedicated devices passively monitor network traffic, extract critical metadata and forward it to the Brain for analysis and attack detection. Virtual sensors: Vectra vSensors running in VMware ESXi make it easy to extend threat detection coverage across the physical network and into virtualized data centers. Connect vSensors to any VMware vSwitch in the data center for visibility into all traffic and to detect threats that pass between workloads. Vectra also integrates with VMware vCenter for an authoritative, always up-to-date view of the virtual environment.


Explore artificial intelligence vendor companies in the financial services industry, including companies in banking, insurance, fintech, and more.