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Explore AI vendor companies offering research and development solutions, including drug development, discovery, legal research, and more.


Description: Turbine models how cancer works on the molecular level and tests millions of potential drugs by modeling biological systems with artificial intelligence. Turbine’s in silico experiments can test interventions on a Simulated Cell that reflects the molecular diversity of cancer cells accurately. Turbine takes laboratory trial and error out of drug discovery and tackles it with scalable power on our servers. The result is a more focused, more rational, and shorter process. Simulated experiments help understand a treatment's exact mechanism of action, while uncovering their optimal combinations and biomarkers for selecting patients to maximize clinical benefit.

twoXAR, Inc.

Description: twoXAR is a software-driven drug discovery company. They leverage their computational platform to identify promising drug candidates, validate & de-risk them through preclinical studies, and progress candidates to the clinic through industry and investor partnerships. twoXAR is financially backed by Andreessen Horowitz and the Stanford-StartX Fund and engaged in collaborations with leading academic research and biopharma R&D organizations. Products: Biological Data Extraction: Sourcing, normalizing, and identifying disease signals in biological data sets. Automated Model Generation: Automatically generating a mathematical drug-disease model. Feature Identification: Extracting relevant factors from the model to guide drug classification. Candidate Analysis: Candidate analysis and classifying the efficacy of each drug using machine learning.


Description: Founded in 2013 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zymergen is a technology company unlocking the power of biology. Zymergen delivers better economics for products made from biology that are used across industries, bring new products to market faster, and develop novel products.


Description: Freenome (free•nohm) is the dynamic collection of genetic material floating in your blood (cell-free) derived from the trillions of cells in your body. It is your living cell-free genome changing over time and space. It is the "genomic thermometer"​ of your health. The company is aptly named "Freenome"​ to reflect the goals of making your freenome more accessible and helpful for your life.

Lunit Inc.

Description: Medical diagnosis is based on a knowledge from generalization process of clinical experiences. Now, we have clinical data archive in hospitals and deep learning which is the state-of-the-art generalization technology. By putting them together, Lunit Inc. believes that those data can be transformed into deeper insight that drives medical diagnosis to the next level.


Description: Numenta’s mission is to be a leader in the new era of machine intelligence. Numenta believes the brain is the best example of an intelligent system, providing a roadmap for building intelligent machines. The brain’s center of intelligence, the neocortex, controls a wide range of functions using a common set of principles. Numenta has developed several HTM example application to demonstrate the wide applicability of the technology. Numenta puts all of the research and software implementations into open source (available at and encourage others to join us in building a community. Products: Hierarchical Temporal Memory: A theoretical framework for both biological and machine intelligence. The HTM technology is not just biologically inspired. It’s biologically constrained. When applied to computers, HTM is well suited for prediction, anomaly detection, classification and ultimately sensorimotor applications.

Citrine Informatics

Description: Citrine Informatics is the data platform for the physical world. Citrine Informatic’s platform ingests and analyzes vast quantities of technical data on materials, chemicals, and devices to streamline R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain operations for any organization that produces a physical product. Citrine Informatic’s users are scientists and engineers at large manufacturing and materials companies, as well as researchers at universities and government labs, and our platform is an essential workflow tool that enables these users to analyze tremendous quantities of technical data.

CloudMedx Inc

Description: CloudMedx is a Clinical AI Computing platform that uses healthcare specific NLP and machine learning to generate real-time clinical insights at all points of care to improve patient outcomes. The company is founded by experts in machine learning, neuroscience, medicine, and data science. CloudMedx brings unprecedented scale and simplicity to the application of brain-inspired clinical algorithms to healthcare. CloudMedx uses evidence based algorithms and deep learning to make sense of a wide variety of structured and unstructured data that is stored in clinical workflows and patient reported outcomes. By using its scale and machine learning algorithms, clinical partners at all levels can derive meaningful and real-time insights from their data and intervene at critical junctures of patient care. Trusted by some of the best performing provider organizations in the country, CloudMedx is passionate about bringing a comprehensive and adaptive platform to healthcare. Products: Clinical Analyzer: The Clinical Analyzer analyzes every part of a patient's record to provide clinicians, nurses, and front line staff with real-time automated assistance to optimize care delivery and enhance the patient experience. For example, when a provider types a diagnosis such as “hypertension” or “HTN” in their EMR, the CloudMedx Clinical Analyzer detects the data and immediately puts it to use by: a. Recording the ICD-10 code for billing purposes b. Updating evidence based risk calculators that use hypertension as a component c. Returning a probability for the patient having other associated diseases (such as obesity and diabetes) This actionable insight, delivered at the point of care, enables front line staff to provide the most effective care plans for each individual patient. Clinicians save time by viewing all relevant patient information from past notes, intelligent point of care alerts and best course of action - based on big data, machine learning and evidence based medicine, thereby enabling clinicians to do what they went into medicine to do – focus on their patients. Coding Analyzer: The Coding Analyzer is an intelligence augmentation tool for coders and financial staff that provides the necessary alerts to manage bill processing, coding, and other financial related activities; thereby dramatically speeding up the process. The Coding Analyzer: Mines both structured and unstructured data Uses NLP and machine learning to understand financial impacts and risks Targets information specific to each INDIVIDUAL patient, not populations Provides financial alerts and insights Our customers have deployed the coding analyzer to improve the efficiency of their coding team. Health systems: Within health systems, our APIs can sync with your data warehouse and EHRs so our insights are displayed directly on your existing infrastructure. With CloudMedx, you can expect seamless integration and a significant upgrade to your current structure - less portals, advanced analytics and a new way to envision your workflows. We are keenly aware of the challenges and constraints behind tracking the financial and clinical outcomes within a health system. In the era of MIPS, large organizations need to act quickly and strategically to consistently stay ahead of the performance, quality and cost curve. Our platform allows for predictive and prescriptive analytics to assess current metrics and build a path forward with informed decisions - backed by data.

Research and development

Explore AI vendor companies offering research and development solutions, including drug development, discovery, legal research, and more.