AI Companies for E-commerce

Explore AI vendor companies offering eCommerce solutions, including applications in fraud detection, eCommerce search, recommendation engines, and more.


Description: LiftIgniter uses data science to help publishers and retailers optimize their websites and mobile apps in real-time. LiftIngiter's personalization aims to put the perfect piece of "content"​ (video, article, item to buy) in front the user at the moment when they are most likely to engage or convert. The company promises a dynamic, real-time digital property that enables the perfect experience for that user impression at that moment in time. Products: LiftIngiter offers solutions for: Publishers Content Aggregators eCommerce Mobile Apps

Voyager Labs

Description: Founded in 2012, Voyager Labs developed core technology with unprecedented capabilities for analyzing in real-time billions of data points worldwide from multiple sources in order to understand and predict human and group behavior and create real-time actionable insights. The company’s cognitive computing deep-insights platform features unprecedented capabilities for analyzing in real-time billions of publicly available unstructured data points. With offices in New York, Washington and London, and R&D center in Israel, the company currently employs more than 90 employees. Products: Voyager Analytics: Conducts real-time deep analysis and provides actionable insights that empower our clients to strengthen and protect their interests. Voyager Analytics’ algorithms interact with multiple sources of real time publicly available unstructured data, identifying and analyzing relevant data in order to present a holistic view of individuals and groups. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this tool reveals comprehensive, far-reaching, and clear insights for its users. Scorpio: Scorpio helps financial institutions optimize their loan business by streamlining the risk assessment and loan recommendation process by using publicly available unstructured data from multiple sources to analyze human behavior.Scorpio is a proprietary solution that conducts real-time deep analysis and provides actionable insights.Scorpio interacts with multiple sources of data from the social sphere, identifying and analyzing relevant data in order to present financial institutions with information on an applicant’s character, credibility, and financial stability that helps users better assess the risk an applicant might pose.


Description: ScoreData helps businesses leverage their data to dramatically improve the quality of their engagement with their customers. The easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy nature of ScoreData’s Scorefast™ platform enables data scientists and business managers to create the most effective run-time consumer scores for fraud detection, churn-management, caller-agent mapping, recommendations and cross-sell applications. We leverage the most up-to-date best-of-breed open-source technologies. ScoreFast™ helps bring new data models to market in record time, and fosters collaboration among your business managers to build a broad range of enterprise applications. Our self-learning models ensure that hitherto expensive model building and updates will happen automatically thus dramatically lowering total cost of ownership. You can build your business insights by combining legacy models with newer data models and new data. If you are a business that seeks to track consumer behavior, and want to match consumers with your most optimal products or offers that meet their needs, or you are a business that is seeking to optimize workloads in the delivery chain without compromising customer satisfaction, then we have a solution for you. ScoreData solutions can be deployed across multiple touch-points such as mobile, web, kiosk and store.

Sift Science

Description: Sift Science has built the world’s most advanced fraud detection system. Using large-scale machine learning technology to predict fraudulent behavior with unparalleled accuracy, Sift Science leverages a global network of fraud data. Catch the fraud that is unique to your business and train your customized model to stop fraudsters in real time. Sift Science’s flexible, adaptive, and automated solution helps businesses of all sizes detect and prevent fraud, before it hits your bottom line. Products: Payment Fraud: Accurately detect fraudsters in real time with machine learning. Prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks before they happen. Content Abuse: Prevent bad actors from posting malicious or low-quality content that can permanently damage your business’ reputation and drive good users off your site. Promo Abuse: Leverage real-time machine learning to accurately prevent promo abusers from depleting your marketing budget. Account Abuse: Accurately detect bad actors in real time with machine learning, and prevent them from creating phony accounts on your site or app. Device Fingerprinting: Uniquely identifies and tracks every device that accesses your site. Once you know which devices are used by the bad guys, blocking them is a piece of cake.


Description: Persado’s cognitive content platform generates language that inspires action. Powered by cognitive computing technologies, Persado arms organizations and individuals with “smart content” that maximizes the efficacy of communication with any audience at scale, while delivering unique insight into the specific triggers that drive action. Products: Persado Enterprise: Cognitive content generation solution for companies wanting the highest-performing machine-generated marketing language and emotional response insight across multiple marketing channels and brands. Persado Go: Self-service cognitive content generation solution for customers requiring instant turnaround through an easy-to-use interface. Persado Connect: Partner portal for cross-channel deployment, list splitting, and automated reporting. Connect integrates our partners to Persado’s cognitive content platform.