AI Companies for Drug discovery


Description: Turbine models how cancer works on the molecular level and tests millions of potential drugs by modeling biological systems with artificial intelligence. Turbine’s in silico experiments can test interventions on a Simulated Cell that reflects the molecular diversity of cancer cells accurately. Turbine takes laboratory trial and error out of drug discovery and tackles it with scalable power on our servers. The result is a more focused, more rational, and shorter process. Simulated experiments help understand a treatment's exact mechanism of action, while uncovering their optimal combinations and biomarkers for selecting patients to maximize clinical benefit.

twoXAR, Inc.

Description: twoXAR is a software-driven drug discovery company. They leverage their computational platform to identify promising drug candidates, validate & de-risk them through preclinical studies, and progress candidates to the clinic through industry and investor partnerships. twoXAR is financially backed by Andreessen Horowitz and the Stanford-StartX Fund and engaged in collaborations with leading academic research and biopharma R&D organizations. Products: Biological Data Extraction: Sourcing, normalizing, and identifying disease signals in biological data sets. Automated Model Generation: Automatically generating a mathematical drug-disease model. Feature Identification: Extracting relevant factors from the model to guide drug classification. Candidate Analysis: Candidate analysis and classifying the efficacy of each drug using machine learning.


Description: Founded in 2013 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zymergen is a technology company unlocking the power of biology. Zymergen delivers better economics for products made from biology that are used across industries, bring new products to market faster, and develop novel products.