Emerj Catalyst Advisory Program

An “AI Catalyst” is someone who acts as the driving force for AI transformation within an industry.

AI consulting and AI services leaders are among the most important AI Catalysts in the business ecosystem. While enterprises want to adopt AI, they often don’t know how. While enterprises want to build and deploy AI, they need outside help – and outside services partners become a critical factor in the success or failure of these early initiatives.

At Emerj, we’ve spent years providing catalysts with articles, research, and white papers – through our free newsletters and our Emerj Plus subscription…

…but some consulting CEOs and leaders are looking for more hands-on guidance to help them close deals and convey the business value of AI to their enterprise clients. These leaders want to land new deals, and expand existing partnerships into lucrative, mutually beneficial long-term AI transformation relationships.

We created Catalyst to help consulting and services leaders do just that:

The Catalyst Advisory Program is a coaching program involving one-to-one advisory, weekly group Q-and-A with other Catalyst members, and a series of proprietary resources and frameworks based on insights from AI leaders at the world’s largest enterprises (AI adopters and buyers), and successful AI vendors and service providers.

Over the first three months in the program, Catalyst members learn a start-to-finish process for making the business case for AI, including:

  • Finding the right AI project for a client (Exploring use-cases, setting expectations, balancing short-term and long-term measures of success)
  • Structuring a powerful ROI case (Predicting and successfully measuring financial ROI and strategic ROI together in one compelling business case)
  • A structured process for selling AI services (From the questions to ask to the phases of closing a deal, get to “yes” more often while building trust and setting the right expectations upfront)

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Contact the Emerj team with questions: mroth@emerj.com