The Catalyst Advisory Program program includes:

Monthly one-to-one advisory with Emerj Founder, Daniel Faggella


Weekly group Q-and-A with Daniel and other Catalyst members


AI best-practice frameworks and guide to help drive sales and AI value for clients


A customized 90-day roadmap for AI consulting or AI services business growth



Reach the right AI services buyers

Create a services offering
and value proposition
that wins in the market

Identify ideal target buyers for your unique  services mix

Win new AI services business

A phase-by-phase framework for selling AI services

Match AI opportunities to client objectives and strategy

Predict the ROI of AI with
a business case

Deliver value with AI

A phase-by-phase framework for deploying AI

Setting expectations about delivering value

Building AI maturity through AI projects

Expand client relationships for long-term partnership

A step-by-step framework for expanding existing business relationships

Creating a client’s long-term AI transformation vision

As a Catalyst member, you'll discover:

How to determine a winning AI services offering that appeals directly to enterprise buyers?

How to find the right target market for your AI  product, services, or consulting?

How to structure an AI business case to close deals and set proper client expectations?

How to select the right AI initiatives for clients, and reliably deliver AI value?

How to expand current client relationships with additional, long-term AI services?

and much more…


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Discover the Best AI Insights
from Emerj’s Network of Guests and Research Advisors

including AI leaders at some of the world's most powerful brands:


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Become the Trusted "AI Advisor" and Partner That Your Enterprise Prospects Can't Live Without

Artificial intelligence is poised to add $15 trillion dollars to global GDP by 2020 - and global enterprises are already spending millions on AI initiatives across every industry.

But industry giants can't do it alone - they need AI consultants, and AI product or service companies to help them see the ROI of AI, and to help guide their AI strategy.

AI consulting and AI services leaders are among the most important AI Catalysts in the business ecosystem. While enterprises want to adopt AI, they often don’t know-how. While enterprises want to build and deploy AI, they need outside help – and outside services partners become a critical factor in the success or failure of these early initiatives.

Separating Winners and Losers in the AI Era

The AI vendors and consultants who are best able to grow their business and "ride the wave" of AI technology and funding will not be the vendors with the best sales scripts, or the fanciest websites...

...the AI vendors and consultants who win revenue and market share will be those who can (a) reliably identify the best prospective clients for their AI services, (b) become a trusted AI strategic advisor to their clients in the long-term, and (c) deliver real AI value. 

The Catalyst program was created to help AI consulting and AI services leaders do just that.

The Emerj AI Catalyst Advisory Program

Catalyst is a business growth and sales program for AI consultants and service providers - but we don't teach sales scripts or sales tactics. At Catalyst, we turn our members into the AI expert advisors who deserve the sale - because they can find the best fit for AI, set the right client expectations, and deliver value in ways that their competitors can't.

Catalyst is a Small, Application-Only Coaching Program

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Access Proven Frameworks
to Help You Drive Business Results Quickly

Catalyst AI Frameworks include:

Ian Wilson

Former Head of AI, HSBC

Shane Zabel

Head of AI, Raytheon

David Carmona

General Manager of AI, Microsoft

Jan Neumann

Senior Director, Applied AI Research, Comcast

Gary Swart

General Partner at Polaris Partners

Sriram Ramanathan

Engineering CTO AI Product Development, Genpact

Sankar Narayanan

Chief Practice Officer, Fractal AI

Wijay Wijayakumaran

Chief Architect or Machine Learning and AI, IBM Systems

Jan Kautz

Learning & Perception Research Lead, NVIDIA

Bret Greenstein

Global Head of AI & Analytics, Cognizant

Adam Oliner

Head of Machine Learning, Slack

Lee Smallwood

COO of Markets and Security Services, North America, City

Gain an Advantage in the Market

Catalyst members gain an immediate advantage over their competition by accessing Emerj's AI Market Research, and by discovering what's working for the most powerful global enterprise, and the most successful AI startups and consultants.

Catalyst is a Small, Application-Only Coaching Program

Apply for a spot in Catalyst today:

Apply to the Catalyst Advisory Program to grow your business and join an ambitious group of like-minded peers. 

Catalyst is a fit for both technical and non-technical leaders, for independent consultants and leaders of ambitious small or mid-sized AI services firms.

Unlock the skills and frameworks you need to land more business and deliver value to clients - and get hands-on guidance along the way.

Become a Catalyst

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Simple, Visual AI Best-Practices at Your Fingertips

Catalyst members get access to our full library of AI best-practice frameworks
for selling AI and AI project success.

The Catalyst program has enabled me to discuss and present AI approaches with confidence to my teams and at the client level needed. This has given me opportunities to get in front of clients that I normally would not have met and guide them through AI strategies they haven't pursued yet.

For any AI consultants or strategy leaders on the fence about joining Catalyst, I’d say “Do it!” The more you put into working with the program, the more you get out of it.”

Scot Alexander
Managing Director, Optimity Partners

As a strategy consultant, the weekly group and series of one-to-one advisory coaching calls with Daniel Faggella have been absolutely invaluable to me in redefining and improving my service offering and go to market strategy.

I believe the Catalyst Program is an "absolute must" to any AI consultants and Vendors who need to get more clients and AI projects off the ground.”

Fabien Blanchard
Founder and CEO, AI Active Consultants

The program breaks down AI consultant and AI sales success into a series of building blocks - and Daniel’s level of sophistication and understanding is something I could never get from other sources.

Daniel is able to drive home the key insights about AI ROI and deployment with each successive call from new angles, and this is extremely valuable for putting these insights into action - and the 1-on-1’s and direct monthly dialogue lets me apply Catalyst insights directly to my business problems.”

Dan Barry
Managing Director at Crowe Barry Consulting Group, LLC