Practical Steps to AI Deployment for Nontechnical Professionals

Most “how-to” guides to AI are written for engineers and developers.

At Emerj, our work focuses on simple explanations and actionable insights for nontechnical businesspeople. This guide is designed to help business people understand the steps and phases of getting started with AI in any business or sector.

In This Simple 9-Page PDF Guide, You'll Learn:

  • The Dangers of AI Novelty. Organizations often adopt AI for the wrong reasons. In this section, you’ll learn how to properly prioritize AI initiatives, and find projects with true value and ROI potential.
  • Overcome the Challenges of Integration. Most business people can’t foresee the initial hurdles to AI integration. From data integration to working with IT, this guide is designed to help nontechnical professionals foresee and avoid those challenges, giving their projects a better chance of success.
  • Predicting and Understanding Time to ROI. The ROI of AI is hard to predict – and most executives and nontechnical professionals oversimplify their process for achieving ROI. From short-term financial returns to long-term strategic value, this section will help you set expectations and select projects with strategic value.
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