Quickly Assess the AI Vendor Landscape in Financial Services

Financial services leaders need to make critical decisions about AI, including whether to build or buy AI solutions, which AI vendors to work with, and which AI projects to pick first for maximum ROI.

This PDF brief is a data snapshot from our AI in Financial Services Opportunity Landscape research, which includes a ranked view of over 70 AI vendors in the financial services industry. These vendors and their products are scored on four critical axis: Evidence of Adoption, Evidence of ROI, Expertise and Funding, and Ease of Deployment.

In This 5-Page Brief, You'll Learn:

  • Which Areas of Financial Services Are Seeing the Most Traction with AI. A graph of how many AI vendors claim to offer products in each area of financial services, including customer service, wealth and asset management, fraud detection and cybersecurity, compliance, and lending.
  • Four Key Findings from Our Complete AI Opportunity Landscape Research. Data-backed insights about the state of AI in financial services, including how much AI vendors in key business areas have raised and what AI-focused financial services executives are saying about AI at their companies.

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