B2B AI Lead Generation Audit

The Emerj B2B AI Lead Generation Audit is a hands-on service designed to help AI product and service vendors generate more leads from their websites, content, and sales collateral.

With hundreds of thousands of monthly users on Emerj.com, and the responsibility of managing dozens of B2B lead generation campaigns for global AI vendor companies, we understand what it takes to make a B2B AI value proposition resonate with buyers.

Lead Generation Audit clients get to learn from what the best AI brands do to convert website visitors into leads, and create sales materials with the highest chance of closing a deal.

About the Emerj B2B AI Lead Generation Audit Service

A Lead Generation Audit is the fastest way for AI product or service companies to improve the conversion of their website visitors into qualified leads.

Our audits are based on our proven best-practice checklists for content and sales collateral, the same checklists we use to optimize the marketing campaigns for world-class AI brands.

The audit service is broken down into three phases:

Phase 1: Stakeholders – An assessment of the key stakeholder groups involved in the sale of the client’s product or service, and an assessment of the positive and negative buying motives of those stakeholders.

Phase 2: Conversion Asset Analysis – An in-depth assessment of the client’s key conversion assets, including:

  • Homepage design, copy, and conversion flow
  • Key landing pages
  • Initial email communications
  • Product pages
  • Blog and current content efforts

Phase 3: Recommendations – Best-practice recommendations to attract and convert more qualified prospects, with specific design and copywriting edits to improve conversion immediately.

With this research and assessment, combined with our in-depth knowledge of B2B AI marketing campaigns, we provide our clients with:

  • Best-practice recommendations for content and messaging – designed to attract more of the right kind of prospects to your website and online properties.
  • A detailed breakdown of their online assets, and sales collateral, with specific copywriting and design recommendations from our own detailed testing and experience – designed to improve conversion from online user to qualified prospect

This process gives clients the insight they need to allocate marketing budget and streamline their path to growth, without running down dead ends or pursuing the wrong markets, buyers or positioning. 

Avoiding these risks can literally save clients millions, and we pride ourselves in giving clients the clarity they need to confident growth.

The Emerj Advantage

While other market research firms focus on sectors, methodologies and technologies, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research is the best at just one thing: 

Mapping the applications and implications of AI to help leaders develop winning AI strategies.

Our constant pulse of AI innovation across sectors – and our in-depth experience managing marketing campaigns for dozens of B2B AI brands – allows us to help new clients go to market with confidence, and with a message that truly resonates with buyers.

We’ve run marketing campaigns for exiting AI startups and global brands with AI products, including:

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About Emerj Founder and CEO, Daniel Faggella

Called upon by the United Nations, the World Bank, and many global enterprises, Daniel is a globally sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of AI for business and government leaders.

Daniel helps organizations navigate the competitive landscape of AI capabilities, determine high-ROI applications that match and organization’s strengths, and build AI strategies that win.

Daniel has helped to execute hundreds of marketing campaigns for AI-related B2B solutions. He possesses a unique set of knowledge about how to target ideal buyers, and how to position products to appeal to business buyers and users.

B2B AI Lead Generation Audit Service – Who it’s For

The Emerj B2B AI Lead Generation Audit Service is a fit for any organization selling AI-related products or services into the enterprise. This includes:

  • Companies just launching a new AI product or service
  • AI-related product or service companies who aren’t getting the lead-flow that they want from their website

We work with purely service-oriented companies (consulting firms, IT/AI services companies), and product firms (data vendors, AI software/solution providers).

What our clients have in common is that they want their online assets to be maximally high converting, and they want to attract more of the right kind of prospects to their online assets.

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