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Lauren D'Ambra Faggella

Lauren D'Ambra Faggella is a professional writer and editor who is especially interested in how emerging technologies are shaped by industry and culture. She has served as editor and researcher behind much of Emerj's content, from interviews to industry guides.

Articles by Lauren

2 articles
women in artificial intelligence

Women in Artificial Intelligence – A Visual Study of Leadership Across Industries

Women in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), or the lack thereof, is not a new topic in media, just as gender equity and disparity in the workplace is not a new subject of research for academics and think tanks. But discussing these issues openly is no less important. While we address the potential […]

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The Art of Shaping Tech Realities - Design through Science Fiction

The Art of Shaping Tech Realities – Design through Science Fiction

“Design fiction,” as defined by MIT Media Lab, is “sparking imagination and discussion about the social, cultural, and ethical implications of new technologies through design and storytelling.” Storytelling, more specifically science fiction (and even popular nonfiction science) seems to be a natural gateway to this relatively new concept. A series of recent email interviews with […]

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