Defining High-ROI AI Opportunities Has Never Been Easier

The Emerj AI Opportunity Landscape helps global organizations develop AI strategies and initiatives that win in the market.

Clients use Emerj AI Opportunity Landscapes for a variety of strategic goals, including:

  • Choose the right AI Vendor: Who are the leading AI vendors, and what are their strengths/weaknesses?
  • Determine Real AI ROI Impact: What AI use-cases are delivering ROI now for leading companies in my sector(s)?
  • Know What Competitors Are Doing in AI: Where are major enterprises in my sector(s) using AI, and where is it delivering results?
  • Learn Which AI Trends Will Matter: Which AI applications will define the winners/losers in the coming 5 years?

Our AI Opportunity Landscape research focuses on two critical data sources:

  • The complete AI startup ecosystem
  • Known AI enterprise use-cases and AI investments

By combining primary interviews with dozens of industry leaders with volumes of secondary data and proprietary scores and ontologies, Opportunity Landscapes turn the wide array of AI applications into a visual map of capabilities, mapped clearly by their ROI potential.

AI Opportunity Landscapes include expert analysis of our proprietary research data and AI business strategy advisory customized to the needs of any client.

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