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Fueling AI Services Growth@2x

Fueling AI Services Growth – Five Emerj Media Customer Stories

The AI vendor market is as diverse as the global economy itself. As AI applications evolve into every corner of our lives, so do the expertise and proficiency of the data professionals, business leaders and subject matter experts at the heart of the products and services transforming how we live and work.

Using Decision Augmentation for Client Retention@2x

Using Decision Augmentation for Client Retention – with Emily Bremner of Signal AI

Actionable, decision-augmenting data can be obtained internally or externally. Of course, external data is a far richer and more diverse source, as it comprises every other piece of digital information outside of the four walls of an enterprise. 

Artificial Intelligence 
at Twitter@2x

Artificial Intelligence at Twitter – Two Current Use Cases

Twitter is an American communications company based in San Francisco, California, best known for the microblogging and social networking site of the same name. As of January 2022, the company had over 229 million daily active users.

What Trust Automation Means for Insurance Leaders@2x

What Trust Automation Means for Insurance Leaders – with Christian van Leeuwen of FRISS

COVID-19 did not just bring waves of diseases and contagious variants across the world starting in early 2020 – a tsunami of fraud soon followed the broad sweep of a pandemic that would engulf the global insurance industry. 

Artificial Intelligence at Chevron 950×540

Artificial Intelligence at Chevron

Chevron is the second largest producer of oil in the United States (Exxon Mobil). The company is traded on the NYSE (symbol: CVX) and has a market capitalization of approximately $322 billion.  

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